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Brazed plate heat exchanger SECESPOL LA14-40 has 40 plates.

L-line heat exchangers are copper brazed exchangers dedicated to standard heating or cooling installations of  liquid-liquid type. Special corrugation pattern of the plates ensures compromise between low flow resistance and high heat exchange efficiency. Vacuum furnace technology ensures integrity and permanent fusion of plates which enables the unit to withstand high-pressure and high-temperature conditions. It is an ideal solution for domestic heating systems, heat substations, boilers or water jacket fireplaces. There are many connection types to be chosen as well as one- or two-pass variants.

Additional accessories:

  • insulation
  • mounting brackets

Work parameters max. pressure/ max. temp. / min. temp.30 bar / 230°C / -195°C
Plate area [m2]0,014
Max. plates quantity60
Weight [kg]0,6+0,05*NP
Type and material of connectionsthread SS
Connection size3/4"
Dimensions [mm]A42
Type1; 2; 2S

F +/- 3%

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